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All Pro Wildlife LLC ® specializes in the extermination of rats and wildlife control in the Tampa Bay area. We are the foremost experts in Florida rodent control, and our results are permanent and guaranteed. We also offer a full range of nuisance wildlife removal services, and take care of everything from squirrels or raccoons in the attic to a snake in the pool. We provide the same high level of service and permanent results for all wildlife species as we do for rats, but rats are our specialty. Call us any time at 813-404-7033
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Rat & Mouse Control: The most common rodent problem in this part of the country is caused by the Roof Rat (rattus rattus), which is very common throughout Florida, particularly in urban and suburban areas. Tampa, Clearwater, and Saint Petersburg all hold heavy rat populations. Nothing can be done about that. However, we can absolutely ensure that these rats are unable to get into your home or building. We don't waste your time with lazy poisoning methods (which cause dead rat odor problems), but we solve the problem permanently. Our proven method is the best in the industry - guaranteed.

Wildlife Trapping: Many of the same principles apply to wildlife trapping as they do to rodent control. However, whereas we must use lethal methods for rat control, we never kill any other wildlife. We are very humane to wild animals, and we live trap them in cages and relocate them outside the city limits. As with rats, we determine the source of the problem and seal shut any entry points into the home, so that raccoons, squirrels, opossums, or snakes can't get in again. We trap and remove all of the animals and clean up any mess that they've left behind. We have extensive experience in working with wildlife.

Exclusion Repairs: We are excellent repairmen and craftsmen. The wildlife job is not complete if they entry holes are left open. We specialize in structural damage repair and prevention. The rats or squirrels or raccoons got into your home or building because you had open holes, gaps, or weaknesses that allowed them to gain access to the inside and attic. We have worked with wildlife issues for a long time, and know exactly where the animals got into the house, and where the weaknesses are. We seal all entry holes shut permanently so that no more wildlife can get in again. We guarantee our work.

Tampa Bat and Bird Control: We also perform full bird and bat removal and exclusion services. We specialize in the removal of bats from both homes and commercial properties. We have removed bat colonies from hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, and many other structures. We are very mindful of all state wildlife laws and we do the job right. Bat removal is a specialty task. We get 100% of the bats out safely, and ensure that they will never get back in again. As for bird control, we perform a wide variety of exclusion and prevention tactics to prevent pigeons from infesting your building.

We service the greater Tampa Bay region. We of course service St. Petersburg and Clearwater. From Tarpon Springs to Palm Harbor, down to Dunedin and Largo and Pinellas Park. We work both east and west of the bay, including Brandon, Lake Magdalene, Citrus Park, and more. You can call Tampa Rat Control Exterminator any time, and we'll answer the phone and listed to your problem and give you a price quote for a full inspection and trap setup: 813-404-7033

What To Do If You Have A Rat In The Living Quarters Of Your Home

Hearing the scratching of a rat in the walls or the attic of your home may be one thing, but when you actually see a rat in the kitchen, bathroom or lounge of your home then it should encourage you to do something straight away. Most rats will have a natural caution of people, so they will usually try to find an escape route where possible, so you will rarely have the typical cartoon image of the homeowner standing on a chair and the rat looking up at them.

Opening A Route For The Rat Out Of Your Home

The easiest situation will be if the rat is in a room of your house that has a door or a patio door opening up to the outside. If opening this type of door isn't possible, then create a route for the rat to use to get out of your property by opening the doors, and closing any that would allow it greater access to other rooms in your home. Avoid any direct contact with the animal, but try to usher it towards the doorway out of your property using a broom, and try to stop it from escaping beneath a cupboard or any other possible hiding places. You may not be able to find the same route out that the rodent used to come in. Rats can chew through most building materials and rats in the plumbing means they can even come up through the toilet.

Catching The Rat

In some cases the rat simply will not want to comply, so you will have the challenge of trying to catch the rat to remove it from your home. Make sure you wear a thick pair of gloves and thick clothing to protect you from a bite or scratch from the animal, and find a heavy duty container such as a metal bucket. You will need to try and catch the rat by placing the container over it, and then sliding something durable, such as a thin flat baking tray beneath to trap the animal so that it can be removed. You can also contact a professional who will have specialist tools to catch the rat.

Cleaning And Disinfecting After The Rat Is Removed

You will want to carry out a check of the room or rooms that the rat has been in to see where you will need to clean, and this will involve removing any feces, and cleaning the brown smudges that a rat's fur will leave on the walls and on the furniture that it has brushed past. It is also worth checking your home for a rat infestation, because if the rat has found its way in from a wall cavity or the attic, then you will need to carry out steps to permanently remove the rats from your home.

Example reader email: Hello, In desperate need of advice. Renters of mine did not notify me of their rat problem that might have been going on for over a year. Four weeks ago they hired a pest control company to come out and deal with the problem. The pest control company sealed off all exits and used 3 rat traps and I am assuming poison to kill the rats. Within a few weeks of the initial visit from pest control the rats started chewing through the water lines causing severe flooding in several areas of house. A second pest control company has now come out and he to has attempted to catch with traps not poison. Water damage continues as more holes are being chewed through plastic pipes. Any suggestions? I am now considering tenting the house, but was told that a horrible smell with be left behind for weeks if not months. Not sure where to go from here.

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